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FrankTeam Member
Born and raised in Volusia County and residing in Wilbur by the Sea, FL. Frank grew up fishing and surfing the beaches and back waters of his home town. He was fortunate enough to also play professional baseball for 7 years in the minor leagues with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Atlantic City Surf and Newark Bears. After finishing playing baseball Frank was an integral part opening the health club Forever Fitness, and is currently working in the Anesthesia industry. When you are in the area don’t be surprised to find Frank in his Dusky 227 chasing the bite.
EarlTeam Member
Currently residing in Port Orange, FL, Earl’s favorite fishing spots are the Mosquito Lagoon and the Florida Keys. An Army brat born in Frankfurt, Germany, Earl fell in love with fishing at an early age, learning to fish from his Father, Grandfather and Uncles. Earl’s extreme love and respect for the water has made him an incredible flats fishing expert. Make your way to Mosquito Lagoon and you’re sure to find Earl in his Native kayak slaying reds with either a fly rod or spinning rod. Earl is on his way to becoming a licensed guide in the near future for Wilbur Outfitters.
KaedinTeam Member
Born and raised in Port Orange, FL, Kaedin’s favorite spot is anywhere there are fish. Kaedin is not your typical googan; he is a high school student who loves freshwater and saltwater fishing, targeting anything that bites. His passions outside of fishing are photography, videography and editing Wilbur Outfitters videos. If you happen to drive by a pond in Port Orange, don’t be surprised to see this guy catching bass and great shots.
ReedTeam Member
Born and raised in Port Orange, FL Reed was catching dolphin with his dad at about three years old, and has been hooked on fishing ever since. About 5 years ago Reed met up with an old buddy from preschool, and started entering sailfish tournaments. When he hooked into his first sail that is when he knew at that exact moment that this was his lifes purpose. After years of fishing with the same crew they have formed into one of the best teams to power out of Ponce Inlet or South Florida including the Keys. Reed now competes against some of the most elite teams in the world, where there are million dollar purses chasing down sails. Reeds dream is to run and own his own sport fish and build a team around him that is as good or better than the team he is on today. So keep your eye on this kid because he is a rising star.
BrentTeam Member
Born in Iowa and residing in Wilbur by the Sea, FL. Brent is one of the most accomplished fisherman in the area. Being a perfusionist his attention to detail comes across when he is either fishing the flats in Mosquito Lagoon or 42 miles offshore of Ponce Inlet. His skill has set him apart so much that he is on the Atlantic Marine fishing team helping that crew place in local tournaments. So if you are in the area and come across this guy on the water make sure to watch him because you will definitely learn something.
Caleb Rhett
Caleb RhettTeam Member
Born in New Jersey and residing in Wilbur by the Sea, FL. Caleb is an avid fresh water and salt water fisherman. At a young age Caleb had the bug fishing for bass or targeting reds in Mosquito Lagoon. Recently, his passion for fishing has been targeting pelagic species 42 miles off of Ponce Inlet or the Florida Keys. His dream one day is to become a sports agent and own a Yellowfin running his own crew offshore. Keep an eye on this young man in the future.